Artist Bio and Mission

Elizabeth McAnally Blome

As a child, my creativity allowed me to escape my world of abuse.  When I was 12 years old, I asked for strength from the Lord to confront my father, the abuser.  The initial abuse ceased, but the mental control continued.  At 18, I moved out on my own and yearned for love and a stable family life.  I prayed for my soul mate.  Now, almost 36 years later, I have been blessed to have a wonderful husband, three amazing children, a son-in-law and daughter-in-law.  The most precious gift to be received from our Lord, is our first grandchild who will soon be 3 years old.  We will welcome into the world in 2017, our second blessing. Watching your grandchild grow and seeing the wonder in their eyes of the beautiful world around us is one of the true treasures of life.

While raising my family, I always had some form of creative ventures brewing (from designing my wedding gown, purchasing various pieces of real estate and staging them for resale, to decorating our homes, etc.).  My commitment to my family was my number one priority, but I still always had a strong desire to design and create.   I share with others that being creative is an excellent gift God has given each of us.  It is our responsibility to dig deep into our soul and share these talents with others.

In 1996, my Mom passed away after a two year battle with cancer.  She was only 58.  This year 2016, I will be turning 55.  I feel blessed to be in good health.  Each day God grants me another beautiful day on this earth, I want to serve Him.   I had formed my retail craft business in 1992, after our youngest child was born.  I taught myself to paint as a form of therapy to deal with the loss my Mother.  At first I started slowly selling my work retail at local church bazaars.  I was commissioned for custom work, and sold my designs at a large, local craft show, the Houston Nutcracker Market for almost 10 years.  I even started a web e-commerce site back when the .com was just taking off.  As my business changed over the years my artistic style developed.  Years into my business, I made a commitment to God and a promise to myself, that if my business continued to grow to the next level of success, I would dedicate a portion of my sales to help abused children.  Our Lord has indeed blessed us and we have now taken the business to the level of wholesale.  This has allowed me to reach a larger audience, and share my testimony to others in need,  which is the driving force behind my company.  In the year of 2007, I began to sell my entire inspirational line to stores throughout the United States and donated a portion of my proceeds to Child Advocates, Inc. of Harris County, Texas.  This non-profit organization helps to break the cycle of child abuse and gives children a voice in the court systems.  We have grown at a steady pace, while maintaining great relationships with our many stores throughout the United States.  Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you with your inspirational gift needs by directing you to one of our hundreds of retailers or if you prefer we can work with you directly.

I want to share a message of hope that good things can come out of a bad situation.  The strength I get daily from my work, is a positive confirmation of peace and hope.  I wrote the poem below which is a daily reminder to me, of how I feel we all should try to live our lives.  I am passionate about my work.  My handmade designs are a symbolism of how Christ has given me the courage to break free from abuse and help others in need.  All of God’s creatures have some form of strongholds.  We must break free from them and realize God is in full control and He has the plan……the blueprint of our lives.

Who I am and my past is how my company has evolved.  My inspiration is stimulated from past, present and future relationships.  The work is not glamorous, but the word is gloriousI hope the people who enjoy my work can relate to each piece in their own way and find the true meaning of peace and happiness from within.

Let go of your anger and sorrow.

Stand strong with a smile

And our Lord will grant

You the desires of your heart.

~Elizabeth Blome

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